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The world is built on stories. If you want to understand any human behavior, make the attempt to understand the story they are telling themselves. Stories help us to make sense of the events in our lives. And these stories have consequences in terms of our behavior and impacts in the world.

Our current way of life is unsustainable because it is based on an unsustainable story. This story is based on the ideas of human superiority, a hostile natural world and a desire to control it, the belief in the idea that life is inherently purposeless, and a denial of the emotional in favor of the rational.

We are in desperate need for new stories that help us to live more sustainably on this planet. This website is dedicated to crowd-creating videos that offer a more sustainable story from which to live.

Why Video Stories?

Video stories have the power to create an experience that can change our story.

Our stories have an opportunity to change whenever we have an resonating experience that our old story or world view can’t explain. We know when an experience resonates when those little hairs stand up on the back of our necks. This new experience broadens our understanding of the world and ourselves. While real life experiences are always the most effective agents of change, most people today are trapped by their story of rent, bills, and family obligations that leaves them very little time to engage in new experiences.

Video stories combine audio and visual elements with the spoken word to tell a story in multiple languages. Words speak to us through our minds but the music and images have the ability to bypass our brains and engage our hearts as well. They stimulate our mirror neurons which turns on our inherent, empathic nature, helping us to feel our connection to the world around us. We, as a species, need to reconnect and fall back in love with the environment which sustains us and video remixes are a tool to help us do it.

How Do You Create a Video Remix?

Its easy – by working together!

Step 1: Find Interview To Remix

Find great sustainability talks that you feel could be brought to life by adding visuals and music. See the 4 minute story on wolves and trophic cascades in this clip (from 3:02 – 6:43)
Add a video “Idea”. Include the purpose and the script. When a volunteer video editor decides to edit your video, you will all work together to find the video b-roll and complete the video
Step 2: Find Approved B-Roll & Music

Greater Yellowstone Coalition – WOLVES

Wolf Mountain

Primordial —- Yellowstone / Grand Tetons

Timelapse: Yellowstone National Park

Step 3: Combine Elements Into Finished Remix

Help your editor to combine the video and audio elements to bring your remix to life and launch it by creating a “Remix” to serve as your promotional landing page! Here is how the final remix looks:


Producers create the story ideas and manage the production to completion.

Film Editor

Film editors will receive periodic e-mails with story-changing video ideas looking for a volunteer editor.


Each video landing page has the ability for writers to tell stories that help to promote the video widely.

Film Promoter

Help share the content to your network of friends and family or help negotiate distribution partners for the videos.


Help translate future video remixes into non-English languages so the videos can reach the entire world.

Volunteer to edit one of these story ideas

Sign up to volunteer to be a film editor for Sustainable Human. You’ll work with the producer of the story idea to gather and combine b-roll and music to create a video experience that can help to change the story of the world.

  • The History Of Capitalism Dr. Richard Wolff compares and contrasts four different economic systems - slavery, feudalism, capitalism, and collectivism.  0
  • Transitioning Away From Monetary Systems This video is about a possible way to transition out of the monetary economy by beating it at its own game. 0
  • The Issue With Development Dr. Karambu Ringera delivers a brief, yet poignant rebuke of the idea of “development” which leads to feelings of disempowerment. 0
  • What Is Wrong With Our Culture? In this video, Alan Watts describes the fundamental reason why we are unable to solve the problems of the world. It has to do with not understanding who we really are. 0
  • When Does Obedience Become Wrong? Matt Damon, a lifelong friend of Howard Zinn and his family, read excerpts from a speech Howard Zinn gave in 1970 as part of a debate on civil disobedience. 0

Submit your own idea for a video story

Have you seen a great video with an important message that you feel could be dramatically enhanced by adding video and music? Please talk about your idea in the video storytelling forum and submit an idea once you have a recorded final script.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

What is a video remix?

Video remixes copy, transform, and combine existing video and audio to create a new experience, one that can change our understanding of the world. The powerful moving images stimulate our mirror neurons, turning on our inherent, empathetic nature. Video remixes create experiences that provide opportunities to choose a different story to live by. Here are a few examples:

How do we change the story?

Our stories have an opportunity to change whenever we have an experience that our old story can’t explain. While real life experiences are always the most effective agents of change, most people today are trapped by their story of rent, bills, and family obligations that leaves them very little time to engage in new experiences. There is another way to create this kind of experience through the video remix.