‘How can I peel that onion without crying’ said the boy? And the Grandfather said well let me tell you…


It's kind of like walking.  First you have to learn to crawl, then stand, and finally walk...and if you are really lucky you can run one day.  Some people call this learning, others call it presence, or awareness.  You become aware of your bodies capabilities and you learn how to operate it more efficiently, or with more precision.

What does this have to do with cutting an Onion GrandPa?  

Everytime we achieve a milestone in our lives, we begin to realize things keep getting more interesting, so we  continue pulling back the layers, you know, like that of an onion.  But depending on what it is, we sometimes have to learn to be present.  And then we realize that presence is one of the most important things in our life.

We learn that if we take our time and begin to examine things more closely, with more patience and awareness, we eventually figure out a way of doing things without falling down so much, or in this case, without gettig stung by the powerful juices of an onion.  But hey there's nothing wrong with falling once in awhile, or in fact crying.  That is how we learn as well.  But if we continue to fall repeatedly and keep injuring ourselves, pretty soon we just stop eating onions all together.  Huh, said the boy.  We stop doing things because we fear that we will get hurt, when all we really needed to do was to learn how examine things, and then appreciate them, and them work at them slowly without causing harm to ourselves or anyone around us.

That's interesting Grandpa, because I think I know what you mean.  I remember the first few weeks at school when Dad asked " me how it was going? You know at my new school...and all I could think of was 'it's loud'.   I told him how most of the kids do whatever they want and they don't listen to the teacher, and they are always talking when they should be listening.  It's hard to concentrate. It's so different from where I was before.  

Grandpa, and how is it now?  'It's still the same'.  and how are you with that? asked grandpa...Oh I just do my work and pay them no attention.  I find that if I do my work in class, then I don't have homework.  So far so good.

That's a great way to be son.  A really great way to be!   Thanks Grandpa.

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