Is There A Moral Question That Guides Our Society?

Is it moral to house animals in inhumane living conditions, inject them with growth hormones, and genetically modify them so that they are unable to walk yet grow more meat? Is it moral to emit pollution that will certainly lead to seal level rise endangering future generations? Is it moral to destroy natural habitats causing many entire species to become extinct? These are all moral questions that Western (and nearly all modern) cultures refuse to ask, let alone answer. Instead, most are too busy getting, acquiring, consuming, and "making a living" to concern themselves in real earnest with these global issues. 

If we do not collectively concern ourselves with our moral behavior, what will become of us? Like cancer, our economy must grow until it has consumed its host. If it doesn't, millions face incredible personal hardship. Oren Lyons asks if there is a concept of a yellow flag that indicates we are consuming too much of the planet's resources. He asks CEOs when do you stop being a CEO and become a grandfather. At the end of our lives, each of us will need to reckon with ourselves, did we give more than we took from the world?

We must begin to incorporate moral questions into our governing process or, as Oren Lyon says, you won't have a process that is going to survive.


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"Oren Lyons on the Indigenous View of the World"


"Force Maker" by Brian Eno



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