Vision, create, and promote powerful stories that change the world.

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Promoter Promote Video Stories To The World

Promoters have perhaps the easiest (but also the most important) job. After all, what good is creating video stories if no one watches them?  Our goal is to have as many people as possible watch our content. This is not a sales position as all Sustainable Human content is given away for free. We are only asking that people and/or organizations share the videos in whatever capacity they have. Click here to sign up.

  1. Sharing the videos in their own social networks
  2. Supporting Thunderclap campaigns for new video releases
  3. Developing partnerships with high traffic web and social media channels and educational sites on behalf of Sustainable Human willing to share our videos.
Producer Help Envision New Videos To Create

Producers are the originators of video stories. They conceive of the idea for the video and serve as project managers as they guide the video idea through the established production and promotion processes. There may be multiple producers for each video story. Click here to sign up.

Video Editor Edit Established Video Ideas

Video editors jump start the film creation process when they agree to be the editor for a video story idea submitted by one of the producers. Editors will receive periodic e-mails with fully developed story ideas with a final script and/or radio edit. If you decide you want to edit a video story, simply sign up on the idea page. Check out the video ideas waiting for an editor to make them a reality. Editors will work in collaboration with the producers to create a final video but producers will be responsible for finding b-roll and provide feedback during the editing process. Click here to sign up.

Writer Write Stories To Promote Videos

This website is equipped with the ability for people to write stories to promote individual videos. On each video landing page, writers may click on a button to promote that specific video. When they submit their written story,  a new web page will be created with the referenced video at the top of it. This story will have its own unique title and feature image and can be used to promote the video even further. Click here to sign up.

Translation Specialist Translate Video Stories Into Other Languages

Translation specialists help the videos to reach more people by translating them into other languages. This website integrated with Amara, a platform that enables collaborators to submit their subtitles and have them directly uploaded to YouTube. Click here to sign up.

Supporters help aid the creation of videos by giving a recurring monthly donation in the amount of their choosing. We believe in full financial transparency – every single dollar that is donated or spent is tracked online for all supporters to see. 100% of the donations go directly to funding the creation and promotion of videos and to maintain and further develop this website. Everyone that works on the videos does so as a volunteer. Becoming a sponsor is a great option for those with a desire to see a paradigm shift in the world but may not have much time to contribute to the story creation itself.